Our Mission, Vision, & Values

Pono Corporation applies and leverages data and technology to the healthcare industry. Our core product, IDEAS, is a broad data platform that enables users to import and manage any/all data, transform and analyze it for easy access/use, and make fact-based analytic decisions, unlocking unprecedented insights. We have successfully deployed IDEAS with both insurers and providers.

At Pono we have extended our focus to include sensors and analytics so that we may be able to incorporate more and diverse data into IDEAS. We believe that through the integration of these new technologies and devices that users will be able to find and deliver more value to patients and customers.

Capabilities and Technologies

Our dynamic portfolio of products, materials and services continues to address the ever-changing market needs of diverse industries.

Pono Health

Data analytics platform to enable new insights and value creation through better data and analytics tools.


The app that matches you with local people who are eager and available to help you at the tap of a button. Just create a request and get your gig done.

Pono Advisors

We work with top executives on their most critical issues and opportunities.